Liquidation Facts

Liquidation is a simple process available to companies which are struggling financially. Whether the company is experiencing creditor pressure such as CCJ’s, statutory demands or winding up petitions; liquidation can help write off debt. Contact us today to find out more about your liquidation options, on our liquidation hotline above or our liquidation contact form.

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What are my company liquidation options?

Learn the facts about your company’s liquidation options from our liquidation experts. Liquidation is a simple legal process governed by the Insolvency Act 1986. Liquidation is designed to enable a struggling company to close when it has outstanding debts to HMRC and other creditors that it cannot pay. Liquidation can however be used by directors who want to trade through a different company thereby allowing them to write off company debt via liquidation. Our liquidation experts can guide you through your liquidation options and answer your queries for free. Contact us now on our free liquidation hotline or fill in the liquidation contact form and our liquidation experts will contact you straight away.

“Do not delay in contacting us, as the sooner professional liquidation advice is sought the more liquidation options will be available to you and for your company”

What is the company liquidation process?

The process for liquidation is a simple straightforward procedure that involves calling a creditors liquidation meeting. Our liquidation experts would do this on behalf of the company wishing to enter liquidation. At this meeting our liquidation expert would be appointed the liquidator and the company would be officially in liquidation. Contact Us To Find Out More about Liquidation.

After the company is in liquidation one of the liquidator’s main duties is to sell the assets of the company and pay a dividend to the liquidation creditors. If the company in liquidation has no assets then the liquidator cannot perform this duty. However, where there are liquidation assets- the liquidator will sell the liquidation assets and may do so to the directors or shareholders of the company in liquidation. Contact Our Liquidation Experts Who Will Answer Any Liquidation Questions You May Have.

Once the company is in liquidation the liquidator deals with the liquidation creditors including the former employees of the company in liquidation.  The former employees of the company in liquidation can make a claim to be paid arrears of salary, redundancy and holiday pay from a liquidation fund which is a Government backed scheme. Our liquidation experts explain to the former employees of the company in liquidation how to make such a claim in the liquidation. In addition the directors of the company in liquidation can also make a claim for redundancy, holiday pay and arrears of salary from the aforementioned liquidation fund. Contact our liquidation Experts and Find Out More.

What is the cost of liquidation?

The cost of liquidation depends on the circumstances of the company wishing to enter liquidation. Liquidation advice is an important step for any director and therefore like any decision the directors must be satisfied that they are receiving the best liquidation advice. Our liquidation experts are the best and can answer any liquidation questions you may have including the cost of liquidation.

“To place a company into liquidation costs money, however the benefits of doing so with liquidation experts include bringing tangible- bottom line- advantages”

The cost of liquidation depends on the company’s personal circumstances. We are experts at advising on the best liquidation option for your company and then tailoring a bespoke liquidation solution based on your company’s circumstances.  We are extremely competitively priced and pride ourselves on marrying your situation with the best liquidation advice possible. Don’t delay-contact our liquidation experts; find out about your liquidation options and obtain a free no obligation quote.

What To Do Next

1 Contact our liquidation experts on the liquidation telephone number above and obtain the best advice possible on liquidation options or use the liquidation contact form and we will call you straight back. Find out your liquidation options now.
2 Our liquidation experts will listen to your company’s unique circumstances and provide a bespoke liquidation option that achieves your aim be it to close the company down and write off debt or to restructure the business through liquidation.
3 Once decided on the best liquidation option for you our liquidation experts will explain the liquidation procedure and agree a tailor made liquidation process for your company’s particular requirements.
4 Once our liquidation experts are instructed they will deal with the liquidation creditors including HMRC and explain to the former employees/director how to make a claim from the liquidation fund for arrears of salary holiday pay and redundancy.
5 A licensed liquidation expert will answer your liquidation questions and monitor your liquidation every step of the way. Our liquidation experts are waiting for you to contact them. Call now on the liquidation helpline or fill out the liquidation contact form and our liquidation experts will contact you immediately.

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Our Approach

Our liquidation experts understand that each company is different and operating in different markets. We can ensure that you get the best liquidation advice on your liquidation options. Should you wish to enter liquidation to write off debt or simply use liquidation to restructure the business; our liquidation experts can help. As directors, we understand that you need to obtain the best liquidation advice possible so contact us today and find out more about your liquidation options.

The Insolvency Act and Rules 1986 govern the liquidation process and provides the framework for placing a struggling company into liquidation. Liquidation itself can be used to end the company all together and allow directors to leave the company debt behind once and for all.  However most directors don’t realise that liquidation can be used to restructure a business. Contact Our liquidation experts to find out more.

Other Services

Liquidation To Save A Business

Liquidation can be used as a way of saving a business. The old company can be placed into liquidation and the assets of the company in liquidation can be transferred to the new company. Contact our liquidation experts to find out how.


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Liquidation To Close A Business

A process that is suitable where a company can no longer trade due to financial difficulties. The company cannot pay its debts as they fall due and the company has usually experienced a degree of creditor pressure for outstanding business debts.

Directors can purchase the assets of the company leaving the company debt behind.

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Liquidation As A Solution

Liquidation can be the solution to a struggling company by either writing off debt, or restructuring your business via liquidation. Most directors aren't aware that liquidation can be used to save a business. Click below to find out more about your company's options using liquidation as a solution.

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