Liquidation As A Solution

Liquidation is an appropriate solution whether you wish to restructure your business through liquidation or simply close your business. Our Liquidation Experts understand that every company is different and can apply those facts to the liquidation process to ensure you get the right option for you. Contact us for more information now.

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Liquidation As A Solution

Liquidation can be the solution to a struggling business. The solution that liquidation provides really depends on what the directors wish to do and what their ultimate aim is. If the company has a cash flow shortage or is under pressure from HMRC or other creditors then liquidation is an option.

“Most directors don’t realise that liquidation can be used to restructure a business into another company; thus replacing large debt with no debt.”

The Insolvency Act and Rules 1986 govern the liquidation process and provides the framework for placing a struggling company into liquidation. Liquidation itself can be used to end the company all together and allow directors to leave the company debt behind once and for all.  However most directors don’t realise that liquidation can be used to restructure a business. The debts of the business are left behind in the company once it has entered liquidation however its assets can be sold to the directors so that they can trade on in another company or in a partnership.  Directors can purchase websites, order books and other assets from the liquidator out of the liquidation to enable the business to continue.

Liquidation Case Study: Liquidation Restructure

“A mortgage broker company had a HMRC debt of £347,000 and also had bad debt of £80,000 which had put a significant strain on the company’s cashflow. The directors wished to continue to trade and save the business therefore they decided to restructure the business through liquidation. The directors placed the company into liquidation and bought back the assets of the company. They traded on through a new company and left the old company’s debts behind in the liquidation. The directors were able to keep the same name of the company even though they had placed the original company into liquidation. Liquidation is a legal proper option for restructuring struggling businesses.  Contact Our Liquidation Experts To Find Out More About Your Liquidation Options

Liquidation Case Study: Liquidation Closure

“A 67year old director wished to place his company into liquidation because although he had been trading the company for 26 years in the ventilation industry, the company had amassed a HMRC debt of over £200,000. The director placed his company into liquidation as he wished to retire and the company could not pay the outstanding sum. The company was placed into liquidation and the director was able to retire.  Contact Our Liquidation Experts In order To Find Out More.

So whether you are interested in liquidation because you wish to write off debt or whether you wish to restructure your business via liquidation; our liquidation experts can assist.  Perhaps you just want to find out more about each liquidation option before making the decision itself. We understand and our experts are at hand to answer your questions and set out your liquidation options in a clear and concise way.


What To Do Next

1 Contact our liquidation experts on the director helpline above, or fill out the liquidation contact form for a no-obligation free call back today-for expert impartial liquidation advice on your company’s situation.
2 We will advise you on your company’s liquidation options in more detail and will discuss your company’s other options, to ensure the right liquidation option for you. We understand that ever company is different and your company may require a bespoke liquidation solution.
3 Should liquidation be the right solution for your company we will agree the timings of the liquidation procedure to suit you so that the company debt is written off as soon as possible through liquidation, by agreeing timings for the liquidation with you as soon as possible.
4 Once instructed on your liquidation we will deal with all the company’s creditors and employees and ensure your liquidation is progressed as a priority. Our specially assigned liquidation expert will guide you through the process preparing liquidation documentation and answering any liquidation questions you may have.
5 Our licensed and regulated liquidation experts will provide you with best liquidation advice and monitor your liquidation throughout. Our liquidation experts will arrange everything and ensure the liquidation process is as quick and smooth as possible. Contact Our Liquidation Experts Now and Find Out More.

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We have helped hundreds of directors exit their business through liquidation on their terms. We have helped directors through liquidation closures and liquidation restructurings of companies with less than £100,000 turnover to over £10,000,000 turnover. We understand that each company is unique and so is each set of circumstances. Our liquidation experts tailor their advice to each individual company in order to help and get the best liquidation advice to you. Contact our liquidation experts today to find out about your liquidation options and take back control of your business.

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Liquidation To Save A Business

Liquidation can be used as a way of saving a business. The old company can be placed into liquidation and the assets of the company in liquidation can be transferred to the new company. Contact our liquidation experts to find out how.


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Liquidation To Close A Business

A process that is suitable where a company can no longer trade due to financial difficulties. The company cannot pay its debts as they fall due and the company has usually experienced a degree of creditor pressure for outstanding business debts.

Directors can purchase the assets of the company leaving the company debt behind.

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Liquidation Facts

Our Liquidation Experts know everything there is to know about liquidation and how it may be of benefit to you.  Liquidation is a simple process that can be used with the Insolvency Act 1986 to benefit directors and stakeholders of that company. Click the link below to find out more about liquidation.

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