Liquidation To Close A Business

Liquidation is suitable where a company can no longer trade due to financial difficulties. The directors can use this simple process to write off company debt. Our Liquidation experts can explain the liquidation process to you and answer any queries you may have in a friendly manner.

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Liquidation To Close a Business

Our liquidation experts can set out your company’s liquidation options and answer any queries you have. Should you wish to close the business down we can assist and set out the liquidation procedure in a friendly and clear manner. Contact our liquidation experts today and we can help you with free no obligation advice.

“Liquidation is a way for a director to take back control of a struggling company. By entering liquidation company debt can be written off in an instant.”

Liquidation can be used to close a business and write off the company debt. The Insolvency Act 1986 sets out the legal framework to place a company into liquidation. A director requires a liquidation expert known as an insolvency practitioner in order to place the company into liquidation. We are liquidation experts (insolvency practitioners) who provide assistance and advice on how to place a company into liquidation.

“The director’s aim and what they wish to achieve is the most important thing in any liquidation. Once this is  fully understood, all advice flows from this premise”

If the aim of the director is simply to close the business then liquidation can be the right option. We take into account the reasons for the business struggling whether this be large HMRC debt or the company experiencing bad debt the company can be placed into liquidation so that the director can walk away from the company debt. Once the company is placed into liquidation the director is free to enter into any other business dealings as he or she sees fit whether that be getting a salaried job, starting another business venture or simply retiring; liquidation in this scenario can be used to write off HMRC or other company debt. Contact Our Liquidation Experts To Find Out More.

Liquidation means that the business has ceased to trade if not before then on the date of liquidation. The liquidator is appointed on the date the company enters liquidation and realise to the best of their ability any assets of the company. This includes assets that are owned by the company as at the date of liquidation. The liquidator will then try to realise these assets for market value on behalf of liquidation creditors and then pay a dividend to those liquidation creditors where appropriate. Contact Our Liquidation Experts To Find Out More.

The liquidation process is the same whether the company is an international business or a small to medium size enterprise. Liquidation is available to help close a business in a cost effective way when the company is struggling financially. Directors cannot successfully apply for dissolution or striking off if there is company debt owing, therefore liquidation is a useful process to close a business down.Contact Our Liquidation Experts Now.

What To Do Next

1 Contact us on our free liquidation hotline and our liquidation experts will answer any queries you may have about the liquidation process or whether liquidation is appropriate for your business.
2 We will advise you on your company’s particular circumstances and whether liquidation is the right option for your business. We understand that every business is different and tailor our free liquidation advice to every set of circumstances.
3 Should liquidation be the right process for your business we will ensure that the timings of the liquidation process are agreed and tailored to meet your expectations.
4 Once our liquidation experts are instructed we will deal with the liquidation creditors and the employees of the company to be liquidated including explain how they can claim redundancy from the Government.
5 A licensed liquidation expert will oversee your matter and advise you every step of the way through the liquidation process. Any liquidation related queries will be answered in a professional and courteous manner.

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Our Approach

We have helped hundreds of directors close their business down via liquidation and exit their business on their terms. This liquidation help has meant the director have been able to write off significant company debt. In these circumstances liquidation has allowed the directors to move on to a more successful project. We understand that each company and its circumstances are unique and as such we tailor our liquidation advice to each company. Directors need to obtain expert liquidation advice as quickly as possible. Contact us on our director advice helpline and find out about your company’s liquidation options now.

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