Tailoring Business Rescue Plans To Your Company Needs

We find the best solution to overcome your business challenges

It’s always important to speak to experts sooner rather than later. Typically, the later businesses speak to a business rescue specialist, the fewer rescue options are available. Our team can explain the options available to help return your business to profitability. We operate in the SME Market helping owner managers, directors and all stakeholders navigate their way through the uncertainty that distress brings.

Our initial business rescue advice is free and starts with a no obligation introductory call. We recognise that at a point of distress, business owners need support from hands-on professionals. Our Partners are involved in every step of your journey and each case is Partner-led by professional, experienced, insolvency practitioners, who are both commercial and pragmatic in their approach.

We give you assurance of confidentiality and we take a proactive approach towards tackling all of your business challenges. In most situations we are able to save businesses by restructuring through either an Advisory role, Administration or a Company Voluntary Arrangement (‘CVA’). Where a company needs to close down, we deal with the Liquidation of your company either through a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (‘CVL’) if it is insolvent or a Members Voluntary Liquidation (‘MVL’) if solvent.

What are my business rescue options?

Common Business Challenges

Business Rescue & Exit Options

Time to Pay (TTP)

If your business is having cash flow problems and is unable to meet its HMRC liabilities, we can negotiate a TTP arrangement to pay over a longer period of time

Raising Finance

The need for finance comes in two main forms; finance to get through the initial period of the Turnaround plan and then to enable trading once the business has been stabilised


An assessment of the operational and financial challenges being faced and the review of all available options in order to create a plan to deal with the reorganisation and reconstruction of a company through informal Advisory to formal Administration and CVA processes


A court process that enables the company’s business and assets to be protected from creditor enforcement action to allow time for restructuring in order to preserve the value of a business and maintain its survival

Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

A process to enable survival and ongoing trading of a company which formalises a deal negotiated with the company’s creditors into a legally enforceable contract


A process to voluntarily wind up the company’s affairs where liabilities exceed its assets and where generally, but not always trading operations have ceased and the company needs to be closed down

Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)

A process used to wind up the affairs of a solvent company that enables a tax efficient return of capital to the shareholders.


An informal process to understand the challenges faced by a business and to develop a plan to improve performance, create strong foundations for growth and implement and deliver a significant change to address the pressures faced

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Who We Work With

From the outset, we make sure we fully understand your business, its market, your processes, problems and its trading history – each company we work is unique so it’s important to gain a clear understanding of your business and its challenges.

We work in the SME market, typically, helping Business Owners, Company Directors, Sole Traders, Partners and all stakeholders. We also work alongside Accountants and Advisors with clients facing financial and/or operational challenges.

Hear From Our Happy Clients

“Opus made me feel at ease and explained my options in a clear manner. Although my business was experiencing financial difficulties at the time, the advice I received meant the business itself was saved and a large portion of the business debt was written off. I would highly recommend other directors in this position to explore their options with Opus.”

Director of an Import Export Business
(Turnover in excess of £1.1 million)