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Whether you want to save your business by restructuring or liquidation or close the company through liquidation and write off debt we can help.

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I can't pay all of my company debts

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  • I have a cash flow crisis
  • I can't pay my staff
  • I can't pay my creditors
  • I can't pay my rent

  • Liquidation could be the right solution for you. But we need to understand more. Contact us for advice

My company owes money to the HMRC

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  • I can't pay the HMRC payments
  • I can't pay the VAT payments
  • I can't pay the PAYE payments
  • I received a winding up petition
  • Could liquidation be the right solution for your business? Contact us to find out now

I have a number of big business problems

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  • I have lost a number of key staff
  • I have lost premises or stock
  • I can't pay business rates
  • I have received a CCJ
  • Could liquidation be the right solution for your business? Contact us to find out now

We Can Explain The Liquidation Options For Your Business

Liquidation does not have to mean the end of your business. Our liquidation experts can help explain the restructuring liquidation options, which can help return it to profitability. Our liquidation experts can advise on the best options available to you and your business; in a friendly and clear way. Below are some example liquidation solutions that may be appropriate for you and your company. Contact us today and find out more.

Liquidation To Save A Business

Liquidation can be used as a way of saving a business. The old company can be placed into liquidation and the assets of the company in liquidation can be transferred to the new company. Contact our liquidation experts to find out how.


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Liquidation To Close A Business

A process that is suitable where a company can no longer trade due to financial difficulties. The company cannot pay its debts as they fall due and the company has usually experienced a degree of creditor pressure for outstanding business debts.

Directors can purchase the assets of the company leaving the company debt behind.

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Liquidation As A Solution

Liquidation can be the solution to a struggling company by either writing off debt, or restructuring your business via liquidation. Most directors aren't aware that liquidation can be used to save a business. Click below to find out more about your company's options using liquidation as a solution.

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Liquidation Facts

Our Liquidation Experts know everything there is to know about liquidation and how it may be of benefit to you.  Liquidation is a simple process that can be used with the Insolvency Act 1986 to benefit directors and stakeholders of that company. Click the link below to find out more about liquidation.

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Our Experience

I have personally overseen the liquidation of hundreds of businesses during my career to date and the key is to seek specialist professional liquidation advice as soon as possible; as in most cases the business can be rescued. In the event it cannot, large amounts of debt can be written off.

Stephen M.J. Berry Qualified Solicitor and Insolvency Practitioner


The liquidation expert made me feel at ease and explained my liquidation options in a clear manner. Although my business was experiencing financial difficulties at the time, the advice I received meant the business itself was saved and a large portion of the business debt was written off through liquidation. I would highly recommend other directors in this position to explore their liquidation options.

Paul Newns, Director of An Import Export Business-Turnover In Excess of £1.1 million