How do I Restructure my Business?

Restructuring is used at times of pressure to enact positive, long-term change and improve the financial and operational running of your business.

At the start, it is important to carry out a business health check to clearly identify the current position of the business to then create and implement a plan.

Following an assessment of the operational and financial challenges being faced and the review of all available options it becomes clear if the reorganisation and restructuring of a company is required through an informal Advisory route or a formal processes of Administration or a CVA.

Is Restructuring right for my Business?

  • It is important from the start to understand your financial risk and monitor this throughout the restructuring project. This way you can anticipate and secure any funding needs before you actually need them
  • Make sure you diagnose all the problems your business is facing so that the issues can be overcome through the recovery plan
  • Communication is key – not only in the restructuring team but also the wider company. The more that the whole team understand about the plan and their part in it, the greater the chances of success
  • Key to success is reacting quickly and decisively to problems, giving you a greater chance of recovery

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