What is a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)?

Winding up the affairs of a solvent company

An MVL is a process used to wind up the affairs of a solvent company, i.e. one that can pay its debts in full.

An MVL is typically used where a company has (or multiple companies have) come to the end of its useful life. For example, the business and/or assets of a company being sold leaving only a ‘shell’; or a cumbersome corporate structure requiring simplification to reduce administrative costs; or there is a desire to move assets or value within a corporate structure.

The MVL process facilitates a controlled exit allowing the shareholders or parent to extract the cash or assets in their business in a tax-effective manner. There are often substantial tax advantages in conducting an MVL as the value that will be distributed to shareholders represents a return of capital, rather than dividend income which typically attracts a higher rate.

The process also provides greater protection for directors and shareholders than a dissolution application made without following a liquidation procedure.

Key Points about MVL

  • It can only be conducted by a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner
  • It enables an orderly wind-down of assets and affairs of a solvent company
  • It is not appropriate where the company will be unable to pay its debts in full; this would require a CVL
  • It can give rise to significant tax advantages
  • If appropriate, assets can be distributed in their existing form
  • It provides greater protection for directors and shareholders

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