Insolvency and Reviewing Business Stability

The last few years have been a struggle for many businesses, and we recognise that for any business owner, the financial stability of the company is a constant worry.

At the point you have those niggling concerns, it is important to react with speed in response to the changes encountered in the company’s performance and its position in the marketplace; ultimately to minimise the risk of exposure for all stakeholders. No business owner wants to risk the issue of Wrongful Trading. There are two tests to determine if your company is insolvent or not – the Balance Sheet Test and the Commercial Test.

We are offering business owners a free 30 minute confidential advisory call with one of our Partners to review the stability of the business. Based on the information you provide; we can discuss the likelihood of your company being solvent or insolvent and the options available.

If you would like to book an advisory call, please complete the form, including a best time for us to contact you and we will be in touch.

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“Opus made me feel at ease and explained my options in a clear manner. Although my business was experiencing financial difficulties at the time, the advice I received meant the business itself was saved and a large portion of the business debt was written off. I would highly recommend other directors in this position to explore their options with Opus.”

Director of an Import Export Business (Turnover in excess of £1.1 million)