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As an insolvency and restructuring practice, our Insolvency Practitioner’s have many years of experience supporting businesses. We work with business owners and directors to ensure that commercially driven results are achieved and take a proactive and pragmatic approach towards tackling business challenges.

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Insolvency Practitioners

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What is an Insolvency Practitioner?

An Insolvency Practitioner (IP) is a licensed individual who is authorised to act on behalf of companies, partnerships or individuals facing financial distress.

Their role is to work to resolve the clients financial and operational challenges. This can be an an advisory or restructuring capacity which is often through an insolvency procedure such as liquidation, administration or CVA.

Why use an IP?

No pre-conceptions

The sheer range of situations in which our IPs find themselves and the frequency with which they have to enter distressed situations with the bare minimum of information and prior knowledge means that they must approach assignments without fixed ideas.

The art of possible

IPs have to be pragmatists. Insolvency cases leave no room for blue-sky thinking, and our IPs have to identify quickly, on every assignment, what is achievable and what will waste precious time and money. Nevertheless, creative thinking can clear roadblocks and lead the way to solutions.

Prompt action

Most insolvency cases land in the laps of IPs with relatively limited notice. The nature of such distressed scenarios means that decisions need to be made quickly and actions started without delay. 


We are qualified, we understand, and have experience of the best routes for recovery. If one of our IPs doesn’t know the answer to a problem, you can be sure they will know somebody who does.

Sector knowledge

With a significant number of IPs in Opus, working across a broad number of sectors, we have developed a deep understanding of each sector’s operations and the key factors that influence them.

Skill set

Beyond the core skills, our IP’s have to have an understanding of everything from forensic investigations, raising finance, M&A, and turnaround solutions; to advise or to carry out specialist tasks where complexity and risk factors dictate.

Outcome focused

Statutory requirements mean that IPs have to work towards strict legal requirements in terms of the outcomes of their insolvency cases. This makes them unusually clear about where their work should be heading.


The level of compliance and regulatory rigour to which IPs are subject to in their work enforces an organised and orderly way of working, including decision making.


IPs have no axe to grind or special interest in any business they advise or work with. We’re independent and heavily regulated professionals.

How we've supported other business owners

From the outset, we make sure we fully understand your business, its market, your processes, problems and its trading history – each company we work is unique so it’s important to gain a clear understanding of your business and its challenges.

Let's take a pragmatic approach towards tackling your business challenges

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